Past decade or so the number of asthma cases has risen sharply in United States of America which has been a cause of concern. The alarm may be falsely triggered as one reason for this is the availability of better diagnostic facilities and medical care has made it possible for many doctors to examine and treat better. People are prepared to visit the doctor for respiratory difficulties more today than a decade ago. But a possibility of the numbers of asthma patients actually increasing due to environmental factors like pollution and lifestyle factors cannot be completely written off.

The air pollution has increased manifolds ever since the industrial revolution. Industries are puffing out more and more harmful gases and smoke into the atmosphere. Learn more here. Considering that most of the population lives in the urban area the ill effects of these toxic industrial wastes are felt by them. On the other hand even in the rural areas increased use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides as a gift of technology has resulted in better crops and productivity but also polluting the water system. They end up in the farm yields and other food products causing symptoms like asthma in the people.

Many people are not aware of their asthma but some symptoms may indicate the presence of it. Symptoms usually indicate the development of this chronic ailment. Lack of breath is the most common symptom which may appear either sparingly or frequently and in some cases can be triggered by some allergens. This website explains more. It must be checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Common allergens responsible for triggering are dust mites, pollens, animal dander, smoke and sprays or chemicals etc. Some people are allergic to food items like eggs, shellfish and nuts. Its advisable to consult a doctor in case of a breathing disorder and emergency help should be taken in case you feel discomfort and difficulty in breathing.

Dry cough, wheezing, allergy symptoms and watery eyes are some of the possible symptoms of asthma. Any kind of breathing changes should be taken seriously and checked for asthma because congestion of airways causes tightness in lungs and throat making it difficult for the air to pass through. The result is difficulty in breathing.

Some Tips to Improve Your Asthma

When you feel lack of breath its advisable to reduce the use of oxygen in the body like this. This can be achieved by relaxing the body and breathing slower than normal. In case the wheezing or lack of breath occurs during exercising you should either slow down or stop completely.

Drinking regular tea is good for asthma as a chemical similar to theophylline asthma medicine called Theo bromide helps in relaxing the muscles around the bronchial tube. As rapid breathing causes dehydration it is advisable to drink more water and have a good diet like this one.

Consult with your doctor for testing allergy. Remember to mention symptoms like sinus problems, stuffy nose or watery eyes and find out if desensitization shots will heal the problem of allergy. Asthma sufferers are commonly allergic to pollens, animal dander, dust mites etc.

Avoid smoky places as far as possible and quit smoking if you do smoke. Its better to use an air-filter or smoke sucking devices in case you have people smoking in the house. Passive smoking can be more dangerous than first hand smoking especially for the elderly and the children.

Mild exercises like walking and cycling can improve the cardiovascular stamina. Swimming can be very good choice of exercise and is very helpful as the chance of bronchial tube spasms get reduced due to increased moisture. Also look at this.

It becomes imperative to use a preventive medicine in the form of an inhaler or a pill like Singulair in case you need to use rescue inhalers like Albuterol with frequencies of more than 3 times per week. Its better to take medication at the first symptom of an asthma episode as it will help in reducing the amount of medication necessary in the overall treatment. The sooner the better is the best way when it comes to consulting a doctor if the frequency of occurrence of the symptoms is increasing.

Doctor is the best person for the right diagnosis and prescribing a treatment when it comes to symptoms of asthma. Don't take chances. Use of a bronchodilator may become necessary as it blows vapours of medicine to relax the constriction in your throat and lungs. Avoiding obvious triggers are as helpful as the prescription medicines. The frequency of asthma attack can be reduced noticeably by avoiding the trigger by minimizing the exposure to the job related or household allergens. Always consult the physician before consuming any kind of herbal remedies or over-the-counter medicines.

Never forget that asthma attacks can be fatal, therefore, consult with your doctor to device an action plan to avoid chronic complications and to get the proper care to improve the condition of whoever is suffering from asthma.